Heather Corringham




from Monash University,

MA.International Education 

from Sunderland University

PGCE Snr and FET Phase

from UNISA

BA. Psychology and Criminology 

from The University of Pretoria


My name is Heather and I have recently completed my clinical experience working with Ministry in Counselling, Justice Centre and Dr Wong at HK psychiatry and Integrated medical Services.

As an expat from South Africa and Namibia I have experienced the unique stressors that minorities face. I have a particular interest in understanding ADHD and its comorbidities as I have it. I work with translators in my classroom and in counselling practice.

I have an extensive professional background within the education sector, as well as in Human resources, Recruitment and corporate companies.

I work as a teacher, having extensive training in Special education for ADHD, ASD and SPLD through the Education University of Hong Kong. I am passionate about improving clients’ psychological wellbeing and promoting a client-centred approach.

I work with clients in the areas of depression, anxiety disorders, traumas, personal growth, family, and marital issues, adolescent issues, educational problems, and grief and bereavement.

I offer a 30-minute free chemistry meeting. Please note that a chemistry meeting is not a counselling meeting; it is to help you decide whether you can work with me.  If you would like to meet me for a chemistry meeting and to talk about the possibility of counselling, please click here

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