Counselling Interns

Intern Counsellors

This year all PHS interns operate under the Ministry In Counselling Umbrella. Their training will be provided by Ministry In Counselling Supervisor and they will be expected to attend training workshops.

We are fortunate, as senior professionals, to receive and nurture new counsellors among us, just as older, well-rooted and seedbearing trees in a forest give space and protection to saplings. In our Psychotherapy Healing Space, young professionals have the privilege of starting out as counsellors. While they are completing their Masters’ degrees in counselling at various universities, they are eager to sow compassion, empathy, care, spirituality, and wellbeing.

Benefits of seeing an intern

Lower Fees

Sometimes, because of financial concerns, clients hesitate to benefit from counselling. However, a client can access counselling at a much lower fee by seeing an intern.  


An intern needs to practise under supervision, so seeing an intern also means getting the benefit of the perspectives and experience of the supervisors who are all registered, senior counsellors. In this way, you receive double wisdom and kindness.


Interns are passionate and eager to help and have plenty of enthusiasm and energy for their clients. Interns come from many spheres of life and bring lived experience with them. Often, they are building a second career, so the rush of their first job has passed and they spend time to reflect on each client.

Lower caseload

Interns do not practise full-time, so usually they have a lower caseload and can spend more time thinking about a client, working on a case plan, researching the best treatment options, and preparing for sessions. Through the universities they have access to the newest evidence-based practice research.

Training in evidence-based practice 

Most counselling training programs emphasize evidence-based practices. Interns not only learn about the latest research on counselling approaches, they also become skilled in practices like CBT and ACT. They bring to their clients their knowledge of, and skills in, the newest health tools.

Interns Focus on the following:

RelationshipsGrief / loss
Weight loss / smokingMotivation
Unhappiness / sadnessStress / worry
Self-esteemAnger management
Exam stress & pressureTime management
Academic or learning issuesSleep hygiene
ShopliftingSocial skill training
Truancy from schoolTelling lies
Managing poor/chronic healthDespair about the future
Adjustment issues (e.g., children leaving home; relocation etc.)Loneliness and feelings of rejection

Counselling can be done in person at the office as well as online through video call sessions.

Psycho-education workshops or groups can be held in person or via an online platform.

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